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January 19-21 - Retreat at Jumonville




Welcome to the online home of Rivers of Healing Ministries! RHM is dedicated to teaching the body of Christ about God’s heart for healing. According to Mark 16:18, believers should lay hands on the sick and they will recover! Do you believe in Jesus? Then you are a believer! And therefore, when you lay hands on the sick, they WILL recover!

There’s no magic. It’s a promise in God’s Word and we are here to demonstrate that through

  1. healings and miracles AND
  2. teaching you how to do it, as well!

We long to see the captives set free! So, come on in, look around, and learn how to walk in all that Jesus died to give you!

Did you know?
Jesus NEVER said 'No" to anyone who came to Him for healing
Jesus NEVER said it was God's will they be sick
Jesus NEVER said anyone was being perfected by their sickness

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